Sunday, April 12, 2009

We got arriers before KV guys!!

When I came to know that KV teachers are yet to get the arreares, I wondered a lot. Navodaya had been always at the receiving end while KV was pampered by the big bosses at HRD ministry. Sixth PRC has done some goodthings for Navodayans, teachers got 10 per cent residential allowance. Though they could not get stepped up basic pays unlike their colleagues in residential schools in Andhra Pradesh, it was not a total disappointment. Still Navodaya teachers feel discriminated as they are not entitled to GOI Pension. Employees do recognize the efforts of officers at the top within samiti for the positive changes that they have witnessed during last few years. But the logical conclusion of all such efforts is attaining GOI Pension. Unless it happens,employees will vote with their feet whenever and wherever they find greener pastures. Attrition will nagatively effect the students' academic performance.

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