Sunday, February 28, 2010

All Eyes on Reveiw Meeting

when strike was called off,majority of the employees felt assured that their genuine demand would be accepted and they would become eligible for Pension under 1972 pension act. Many silently wished for a negotiated settlement. We are aware of our special responsibility in our Vidyalayas. The moment we go on strike, we stand as a bad example for our children. Ministry of HRD should be able to impress the finance ministry of the unique situation of Samiti where the strike has many adverse and negative fall outs unlike the strikes in other organizations under other ministries.
Hope ministry of HRD and Finance would understand the importance of negotiated settlement in view of the consequences which may manifest in negative behavioural attitudes of our students.

Lets hope, the review meeting which is told to be held on 8th March, would play an accelerating role in expediting the process towards our ultimate goal of attainment of social security.

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