Sunday, February 27, 2011

Stop Fighting! NVS has Space for More Than One Union!!

Since the untimely and unfortunate demise of JAC, T.P. Mani and L.B Reddy started the mud slinging business again. Sajith Nair,who has been at the forefront of this inner fighting through his blog, has resorted to a vicious e-mail and sms campaign against an attempted meeting by L.B.Reddy and Rai at JNV Baruch in Gujarat. It is necessary to point out that this blog doesn't endorse the stand of either groups. Both T.P.Mani and L.B.Reddy and their cronies pose a grave threat to the welfare of NVS employees. At the same time, we should also recognize their right to strengthen their cadres in a constructive way!!

What is the need of the moment is the realization that two individuals should not be allowed to play with the welfare and interest of thousands of employees. We can't even blatantly ignore their role in our journey so far. What is at stake is the name of AINVSA! Both groups want to project themselves as true owners of  AINVSA. This tangle can only be resolved by allowing them to start their separate unions with different names. Both of them should not be allowed to use the name AINVSA.  More than one union will always create a healthy democratic atmosphere! The one who can garner more than 25 or the majority will be recognized by Samiti. The one who looses has always the option of getting recognized in the future by working for the welfare of the staff.

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