Sunday, June 19, 2011

Sakshat should be provided to Navodaya Students

Lack of Access to latest news and trends is one of the gray areas of Navodaya Education System. Our Students are handicapped due to this isolation. Remoteness of locations and lack of time or infrastructure for TV and INTERNET access contribute a situation where students can not update themselves with the latest of the world. When the prototype of 35 dollar tablet was unveiled, this blog hoped that our Samiti would take the initiative to make Navodayas as one of the first organizations to lay their hands on Sakshat. Now it is clear that Sakshat would be shipped to IIT Rajasthan by june end. Many were spectical about the capabilities of Shakshat! Here is a demo which clearly shows that Shakshat is suitable for the needs of our students and can bring a revolution in the way they learn. The suitability of the device for large scale release can be checked better if it is provided to Navodaya Students. Our officers should have  taken the initiative with Ministry of HRD.

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  1. Fine move by the govt.
    But please go though the article of my blog also anFine move by the govt. But do you agree with me that the Navodaya teachers should be issued a laptop each like they are issued Sop, Oil, Toothpaste, Phenyl, Broom, Toilet Acid etc, of course for the house inmates and Teeacher's diary etc.
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    October 15, 2011 11:03 PM
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