Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sponsering Syndrome in Navodayas - Highlighted by the Indian Express

Everyone of us is aware how every other day an email is sent from either Regional Offices or Head Quarters eulogizing the virtues of an educational institute or a software program. The Principals, who are always ready to please their bosses, kiss those programs without giving an ounce of thought about the utility aspect. . Public Money is wasted. More than that it is an ethical issue.Indian Express highlighted only one instance. There are plenty of such sponsorship instances in Navodayas.

Are the Old Times Back?

Recently Samiti has been issuing circular after circular asking the staff to work 24/7. No problem, We all choose to serve in Navodaya. We need to keep residential nature in mind and work accordingly. What is irritating is the tone of those circulars. There seems to be a deliberate attempt to bring back the 'officergiri'
When we look at the way our Principals work, anybody with a little understanding or experience  of school administration in other organizations, can understand how poorly our Principals are groomed for this job. Their personalities withered  as they worked as PGTs under the same officergiri era. Now they fail to administer the schools sensibly because they were groomed to take orders but not to give orders. Work was ordered and it was not delegated. If officergiri era is brought back, there would be no hope left for Samiti in terms of availability of leadership material among the PGT Cadre. 

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