Monday, January 21, 2013

We Never Learn From History!

"We learn from history that we learn nothing from history."
                                                          George Bernard Shaw
The way the mud slinging game has been unfolding in Samiti about the Supreme Court case is a living example for the often quoted words of Shaw. One SLP and two Writ Petitions have been filed in Supreme Court and all the cases will be pooled under a single bench. First SLP was an appeal by Mishra after his case failed in Jharkhand High Court.  The first Writ Petition was filed by Kannan & others from Pune Region and  later was filed by the General Secratary, AINVSA (LBREDDY). Had we learnt from History, this would have been a wonderful opportunity as three different sets of legal brains would have  fought for a common cause with proper co-ordination.

But we never learn from history. Pune Region has sent a legal notice to Mishra seeking the refund of the contributions which they have contributed for case in Ranchi High Court. AINSVA has circulated a letter asking not to yield to the coarsen of offcergiri.(taking a dig at the Principals and Officers of Pune Region) The latest is the unsigned  letter defending the case filed by Kannan and others and questioning the leadership of Reddy.

Why can't Pune Region take up the case with its own resources instead of demanding refund from Mishra who has been fighting for Pension for a long time. Why can't Mr Reddy gather resources from other regions who have not been contributing to Pune Region's case instead of  busying himself in another round of inner fighting? Why can't the Officers and Principals of Pune Region ignore the rants of Reddy  and go ahead with their case showing their magnanimity? Why can't all the three cases be utilized for realization of our ultimate goal. Co operation and co ordination is the need of the hour, not the inner fighting and ugly display of super egos!

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