Saturday, March 2, 2013

Are Officers not Accountable for Lapses?

Navodayas have been reported to have lesser cases of sexual harassment when compared with our sister organization: KVS.  Officers in HQ, hellbent on competing with KVS, may be naturally furious  with KV scoring a few points more by having  a lot more instances of sexual harassment.  Now they can feel relieved with the latest news that the former  Principal of an Army School who was facing a legal case for sexual harassment was appointed as Principal of JNV Lalitpur in UP. Though it may not equate them with KVS, its a small step ahead!!

Jokes apart, Why the tendency to fix responsibility starts with the teachers and ends with the Principals? Why officers are not reigned in by the officers at HRD? Is there any mechanism to make them accountable for policy and administrative lapses? Recruitment Methods are so defectively devised,  the Question Papers are bilingual and English Competency is confined to 25 marks, that it led to recruitment of PGTs who can't teach well through English. English is the medium of instruction for Science subjects from Class VIII to Class XII!! Now look at the way recruitment for model schools  in AP was made.  Those who studied through Telugu medium were barred from recruitment so that the academic standards will not be negatively effected. Even High Court upheld the decision!

Teachers  who don't know the language which is the medium of instruction are recruited! No where in the world that kind of recruitment has been done!! The TGT recruitment process is another blunder. You can read about that in my previous post here.

If the lapse is at a teacher level, the damage is to the students whom he teaches or whose well being he is looking after; if the lapse is at a principal level, the damage is to that particular Vidyalaya; but the lapses at the HQ level will result  in disastrous consequences and threaten to deflate  the hard earned good will of the Samiti. Still no reasonable action can be taken against the erring officers! Results will certainly be down if the teachers can't teach them through English and the young boys and girls will feel more alienated when they find  that their House Masters( of Junior Houses) can't understand their tongue! Eventually teachers and principals will be made accountable for the consequences of these lapses !!

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