Saturday, August 22, 2009

United Struggle for GOI Pension for Navodaya Employees

It's a good news for all the employees of the samiti irrespective of the cadre. Two factions of ainvsa came together along with principal's forum and other unions with single point agenda of getting GOI Pension. Now we can hope for some movement in that direction.
JAC decided to observe the Teachers Day as HUNGER WORK DAY to draw the attention of the authorities to the dire need of GOI Pension to Navodaya Employees. All the employees will work on that day with at most dedication but FASTING THE WHOLE DAY. All the units should publicize this at their level best.

The following are the members of the JAC:
1. Sri V L Balasubramanian, JNB Kasaragod
2. Sri R.S. Naik, JNV Kanacona
3. Sri T.P. Mani, JNV Kollam
4. Sri L.B. Reddy, JNV Warangal
5. Sri J.K. Singh, JNV Katihar
6. Sri Jagadeesh Rai,
7. Sri Shiv Narayan Sharma, RO Chandigarh
8. Sri Vijaya Kumar,JNV
9. Smt Sunitha Bhatt, RO Chandigarh
10. Sri P Rajesh, JNV Kasaragod
11. Sri P K Guptha, JNV Ratibad
12. Sri S S Dora, JNV Angul
14. Sri Yogendra Kumar Sharma, JNV Kotiya
15. Sri Gajendra Kumar, JNV Mahendragarh
16. Ms Mary k P, JNV Hoshangabad

A delegation consisting of 11 members of JAC called on the Hon Minister Sri Kapil Sibalji, MHRD on 10th evening at 7.30pm and submitted the memorandum. He promised that he would look into the matter. You can read my previous posts how much pension you would get under nps and Navodaya employees got pension.

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