Monday, October 13, 2008

Navodaya Employees got pension!!!!

This was the news, which was covered on almost all the news papers, a day after the cabinet meeting decided to introduce New Pension Plan to Navodaya employees. Staff of Navodayas, spread across the country, were jubilant. But as the real facts emerged gradually, the jubilation gave way for despondence! What cabinet has done is just equalling the services of the staff who have put years of hardwork with that of new employees who have joined after 2004. Policy makers and politicians do know that the teachers of these greatly accliamed schools have no big numbers to shake their vote banks. So make them guinny pigs and experiment as you wish!


  1. Gentlemen!

    I think NVS employees should not compromise less than their brothern in KVS.

    Wish you good luck.

  2. Gentlemen!

    NVS employees should not agree anything less than their brothern in KVS.

    Mr.Kapil Sibal understands this if a collective
    appeal is made to him.

  3. all of you should go on pen down and go on strike in full swing, then the finance ministry will agree.otherwise nobody cares for your smooth call

  4. excluding principal all the staff should not attend for work. as these are residentail they will definetely adress your problem with in four days if you go on strike massively. you have no unity hence ministry is playing game