Monday, October 20, 2008

Being a house master in Navodaya means you are a teacher cum warden. Though they call you a loco parent, house master is not any where near to the parent. If we analyze the teachers role as House Master, the major advantage is the extent of influence a teacher can wield on children so that that the things go normal. There are a few disadvantages from academic perspective:
House Masters and children are always so near, things get so informal and it results in lack of seriousness regarding academics. They show in movies such as To Sir with Love and TJP,but it never happens in reality. You can't find many teachers with all the virtues. It's human to have vices. So such vices are also going to sprout in your students. It's OK to bear the bedlam created by a couple of children in your house. But what about the bedlam by a gang of 40. So here starts the gap!! You want them to be silent. They want to live like children. You want them to grow a few years more, they want to get a few years younger.

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