Monday, October 13, 2008

How isolated they are!

Just I wanted to know how many of them knew it. To my utter surprise, none. Across the world the tremors are felt of US Economic downturn. But our children are not aware of it. This may not be the case with all the Vidyalayas. But everywhere it's felt that our children need to be more update with the world. This is one of the gray areas.
I remember clearly how terrific I felt when I came to know that I would get my newspaper only on the third day of publication. I joined NVS in northeast. It was the case with my first Vidyalaya. But today I would not feel so. Though I'm not physically connected, I am lucky to be connected with the world through web. As a matter of fact, I prefer the later. It may appear strange to an outsider to hear that many teachers have lot of reservations about allowing children to have free access to internet. But I feel when children have real and open access to the internet, then there would be revolutionary change in the way they learn. With the 3G and Wimax, things are going to get better. How much it would cost to equip all the students with a laptop in a Navodaya? It would be roughly around ten million rupees. It's a cost NVS can't afford. So another revolution is needed to make wonders with the way our children learn and that is an ultra cheap laptop!

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