Sunday, September 5, 2010


While Central Government Employees are enjoying the benefits of MACP (Modified Assured Carrier Progression Scheme), NVS employees are being made to wait for 12 years for seniority scale. A recent circular by the DOPT (OM No.35034/3/2010-Estt. (D) on 3rd August, 2010) has approved the extension of the scheme to autonomous organizations with a few conditions:

 (i)       The earlier ACP Scheme was also implemented/adopted by the said Autonomous/Statutory Body.
      (ii)       The proposal to adopt MACP Scheme has been approved by the Governing Body/Board of Directors.
      (iii)       The Administrative Ministry/Financial Adviser of the Ministry has concurred with the proposal.
      (iv)       The financial implications of adoption of MACP Scheme have been taken into account by the Organisation/Body and the additional financial implications can be met by it within the existing Budget Grants.

NVS can easily fulfill the conditions including the last condition. So we can expect an order at the earliest from Samiti extending the benefit.  How early depends on how sincere is our administration  about our welfare!

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  1. What about the injustice shown to the teaching fraternity regarding the recent conversion of EL into HPL by the Babus ? And Samiti's decision to replace the calculation of EL
    (retention during vacation) 3/5 with 3/9.

    The formula whihc is followed in KV is used so far in NVS . That is to say - The eligibility for earn leave will be in proportion to no of days on duty during vacation. In kvs 50 days vacation 30/50=3/5 So E.L is given @ 3/5.

    But Samiti Babus say it should be 30/90= 3/ we get 90 days vacation. How funny it is