Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Where is the JAC?

It was a sudden unprecedented euphoria rising like a tidal wave that we witnessed just before the planned strike. Calling Off of Strike even when none of our demands were met dampened the spirits. Ensuing weeks ensured a kind of cautious optimism as JAC promised future action. Gradually the despondency and disillusionment is setting in! JAC seemed to have its untimely death!!
AINVSA  groups are trying to gather their strengths to consolidate their own positions! Intellectuals with insight such as T Surya Prakash (ex-General Secretary (REC) NVSEWA Hyderabad Region) have decided to distance them selves from these power consolidation exercises.Staff are being transferred on Administrative grounds but nobody knows as those orders are not put on website. Promotions are given.Request transfers are allowed even after an official ban on transfers!! Still no body knows. Website is being used only for  academic circulars. Are we compelled back into the non transparent and dark Navodaya days that existed a decade ago?

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