Tuesday, November 30, 2010


MACP was approved for Non Teaching Staff on 11/11/2010. A circular to that effect was issued by JC(P&E). The fate of teaching staff is not clear! The circular has no mention about that!!

It was expected in the month of Sept (view my previous post) that MACP would be implemented soon or later. We felt it was almost a certainty. Though this is a good news for our non teaching brothers,it has a dampening effect on the spirits of teaching staff.  PRC has recommended three stages  for teaching community and two stages for other staff with twelve year period for each stage. Govt notification has altered it into three stages for all the staff with ten year period for each stage. Now Samiti has accorded it only for Non Teaching Staff!!

We can't rule out  it would be extended for teaching community in the future. Considering our past experience of babu's way of (mis)interpretation of recommendations when it comes to teaching community, as in the case of EL and HPL conversion, we can't be so sure about it!

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